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Saturday Morning Zoom Chats with Hazel

Here you can catch up on the Zoom chats you've missed or just want to listen to again. 

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What we do in our past lives is reflected in our present - how Karma affects us and how to change your Karma. 
February 27, 2021

00:00 / 14:04

What does your Akashic record say? Zoom discussion following guided meditation.
April 3, 2021

00:00 / 23:48

The universe sends us signs in many ways. What signs is the universe sending you?

April 17, 2021

00:00 / 19:29

More about the signs the universe is sending you.

May 8, 2021

00:00 / 25:14

Addressing the elephant in the room.

May 15, 2021

00:00 / 23:35

How to calculate your personal year number and what that number represents in your life.

May 31, 2021

00:00 / 24:07
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