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The universe shows us signs in so many interesting ways. Numbers are a common theme that many people see on a regular basis. Have you noticed any of these appearing in your everyday lives?

Our friend Cathy Fletcher has put together this helpful information on what the appearance of numbers means and how they relate to our lives.


111 – Positive sign, new beginnings, confirmation that you what you are doing is meant to be, trust your intuition – the Universe/God has your back, invitation to manifest what you want.

222 – 2 is about relationships/partnerships so pay attention to the people coming into your life. Also about turning your ideas into reality.

333 – Reminder to find balance and align your mind, body and soul. About holding back on something – it’s time to embrace whatever you are hesitant about. Also about sharing ideas and communication and recognizing your life purpose.

444 – 4 means home and family. Also about being called to show up and persist regardless of roadblocks.

555 – time for a change.

666 – You are in need of a self-esteem boost, reminder not to overlook important things.

777 – challenge you to re-examine what you really want,  also associated with rest and quiet and the need to take some time off. Also about unexpected blessings coming your way and trusting that everything will be okay.

888 – Think about how much responsibility you are dealing with right now and release burdens. Reminder that you can overcome challenges. It is also about abundance that is coming your way.

999 – Relate to endings (one chapter of your life closing) and letting go of the past. Also about being compassionate and not judging yourself or others too harshly.

000 – powerful and important, appear when something in your life has come full circle.


1234 – You are on the right path

2 & 6 combinations – abundance is on its way into your life

3 & 9 combinations – don’t be held back by fear

4 & 6 paired together – you are paying too much attention to the physical world and material possessions.

588 – change is imminent, but you are supported

633 or 6363 – Universe is supporting you and you deserve what you are looking to attain

7’s & 2’s – all about good news

8 & 3 combinations – you should replenish your energy and take care of yourself

9 & 1 combinations – a long-awaited opportunity is about to come up

0 & 4 combinations – you are deeply loved, appreciated and needed in this world.

Other Angel signs might also be of interest and indicate that there are messages for you are:

  • Rainbows

  • Feathers

  • Finding coins

  • Patterns in clouds

  • Sparkles or flashes of light

  • Particular animals

Your Personal Year Number 

What's Your Number for 2021?

To calculate your personal year number, take the month and the day of your birth and add them to the current year (2021).
Here is an example using Hazel’s birthday (April 17): 4 + 17 + 2021
Add the numbers across: 4 + 1 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 17
Then add them again to get a single number: 1 + 7 = 8
So Hazel is in a Personal Year of 8.
Some numbers are a little unique so if you add up your numbers and get an 11 or a 22 they become 11/2 or 22/4.
Here is a quick example. Let’s say you were born on August, 27.
8 + 2 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 22
This person would be a in a Personal Year of 22/4.


Personal Year Number Meanings

Universal Year + 5 Personal Year
~ All about change, progress and freedom ~

This is an action-packed year full of changes. Whether you experience those changes as exciting or chaotic depends on your attitude. It is important to be flexible, let go of the things that no longer serve you and be okay with just going with the flow. Lots of unexpected opportunities and new directions will be available to you this year and personal growth will come more easily. For those wanting to expand their businesses, advertising will be beneficial this year.

This is a year of high energy, however, 5 is also a scattered energy so it will be important to set goals and focus on them. Even with goals in mind, there may be times when you need to adapt and let go of things that are hindering your progress. Try not to take on more things than you can handle. Change can also be stressful for some people so remember to keep a positive attitude and avoid any unnecessary drama.

Since this is also a year of freedom, it is a good time to travel, visit new places and seek out new adventures. You may even feel the urge to relocate. This is a year to break free from old habits and anything that restricts you. Not only is physical freedom significant this year, but freedom of thought is also essential, allowing you to explore your own ideas exempt from outside influences. Overall it is a good year to have fun, meet new people and expand your horizons.


1 Personal Year
~ All about new beginnings and new opportunities ~

This year is all about new opportunities that could come in the form of a career change, a new relationship, learning a new skill, or moving to a new house or new city. Think of a one year as a chance for a clean slate. It is the perfect time to plant the seeds of what you want to accomplish and grow over the next nine-year cycle. 1 is also a powerful manifestation number so it is a year to take a leap of faith and dive into the unknown without fear holding you back. 

A 1 Personal Year is one of independence, initiation and action. You may find yourself craving more solitude and wanting to focus on your own personal development. Number 1 is about being unique and finding the courage to be your true self. It is a time to find the courage and confidence to start something new even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. It is also a year for putting yourself first.

This is a year where you step into more of a leadership role and are less inclined to just follow the crowd. You will have increased faith in your own intuition and judgement so it is a good time to follow your dreams. This is not a year to sit back and wait for things to happen or for long contemplations. It is a time of action and making things happen!  Don’t worry you should have lots of energy to accomplish your goals.  Just be wary of being too stubborn or reckless.


2 Personal Year

~ All about relationships, cooperation, balance and patience. ~

This is a year to slow down, to reflect, to meditate and to find inner harmony.  A 2 year is devoted to love and relationships. It is a great year to start a new relationship as the number 2 attracts meaningful connections with others. This is not just romantic relationships, you will also find it easier to make friends and get along with people. In a 2 year, you feel better about sharing ideas with others and are comfortable asking others for help. It is also an opportunity to resolve any issues you are having, be it with family, colleagues or friends.

In a Personal Year of 2, emotions are heightened so you may be feeling extra sensitive. Try not to take other people’s opinions and criticisms to heart. Because you are feeling more emotional this year, you may need to set more boundaries with others. It is also a time when you are encouraged to make sure your own needs are being met. This is a year when it is especially important to find balance and make sure your relationships are reciprocal.

This is not a year for major changes. It is a time to breathe, rejuvenate your energy and just go with the flow. As a result you may be finding yourself wanting to spend more time in nature. This is a good year to start a mediation practice or to focus on spiritual development. Your intuition is also at an all time high so don’t be afraid to follow your inner guidance.

11/2 Personal Year

~ All about inspiration and spiritual development ~

 This 11/2 year includes all the core elements of a number 2 year but also offers an opportunity for greater spiritual insights. Along with more opportunities, also comes more challenges. There will be lessons that present themselves that push you to overcome your fears and self-doubt and trust your own intuition. Learning to listen to your inner voice, following your passion and sharing your gifts with the world will lead you to success.  This year can be very spiritual in nature and is the perfect year to inspire others, especially if you come from a place of love and a desire to serve the greater good.


3 Personal Year

~ All about creativity, socialization and self-expression. ~

This is a year to focus on creative endeavors, as your imagination is in full force. Find activities that bring you joy and pursue them. It is a great year to take a vacation or to get out more and socialize. 3 is a social energy so spending time with others will help boost your mood. It can also be a year that you find yourself becoming easily bored so make sure you are finding mentally stimulating activities. It is a good year to delve into studies or to learn a new language.

Number 3 intensifies emotions so be wary of dwelling on negative thoughts or getting caught up in unnecessary drama. However, this could be a year to resolve problems surrounding relationships and situations from your past. It is a time where you may be challenged to express your feelings honestly and rationally. In this year of self-expression, make sure to provide yourself with positive outlets such as creative writing, art, singing, dancing, cooking, gardening, designing or acting.

This is a year to not take everything so seriously all the time, to let your guard down and to loosen up. Do not focus on what is lacking in your life but instead find gratitude for what you have and optimism for the future.  Have fun and enjoy life this year!


4 Personal Year

~ All about hard work, planning, and building. ~

This year is all about planning and building a solid foundation. It is a more serious year that requires focus and hard work. You will need to be more organized this year in order to accomplish your goals. This is a good year to establish routines and be more methodical in how you plan to pursue your goals. Patience is also required this year as it may take longer to reap the benefits of your efforts.

In this grounding year, there will be a greater focus on earthly concerns such as your home, finances and day to day activities. If you are planning on starting a business or buying a new home this year, you’ll want to only pursue those things that are not high risk and make sure that you read the fine print with all contracts and finances.

This is also a year to focus on your physical health. While it is a year of hard work, you should be careful not to overwork yourself or become stressed out. Make sure that you are finding time for both exercise and rest. Finding stability and security in all areas of your life is important this year. There is a greater focus on planning ahead for the future and slow and steady progress is what is needed for success.

22/4 Personal Year

~ All about commitment accomplishment~

 This 22/4 year includes all the attributes of a number 4 year but with additional opportunities to create something that benefits others. This can be an intense year where your ideas and physical efforts can produce significant accomplishments. If you put your dreams into action – like starting an endeavor that supports your community or humanity as a whole – the potential benefits are enormous. You will find that you are more capable of converting your ideas into reality in a 22 year as it is the number of the master builder. The challenge of this year will be to balance your time and energy so that you remain grounded.


Personal Year 6

~ All about family, home and domestic responsibility ~

This year your home and family take center stage. It is a time to nurture the important relationships in your life as well as supporting the needs of your community. You may be called to be of service to those in need and you may find family and friends seeking your help as well. While many of those in a 6 year will enjoy spending time with loved ones (including pets), it is important to maintain a balance between meeting the needs of others and making sure your own needs are met as well.

This is a year in which many people fall in love, make commitments and start or add to their families. If you are single, it is a good time to attract the right romantic partner. If you are in a relationship, it is an opportunity to add more romance to your relationship and resolve any issues you have been having. In the energy of a 6 year, relationships are either strengthened or released. So it can also be a time when some people break up and seek divorce. Regardless, this is a year to focus on making every relationship in your life more positive and supportive.

A number 6 year is a good time to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. You may decide to make changes that make you feel more attractive like getting a personal makeover, changing your hairstyle or updating your wardrobe. You may also feel a pull to create a more peaceful home environment. Focus your attention on bringing things into your home that help it become a harmonious and comfortable sanctuary.


Personal Year 7

~ All about personal & spiritual growth and inner reflection ~

This year’s focus is on delving inward and reflecting on your life. It can be a time to discern what is meaningful to you and what serves your higher purpose. You may find yourself examining your past experiences and discovering ways to avoid making the same mistakes.  This is also a year for retreating from the outside world and the pressures of daily life so that you can restore your spirit. As a result, you may find yourself not being as social and craving additional alone time.

You may find over the course of the year that you are led to discover the perfect learning be it from a book, a workshop or a course. It is an ideal time for studies as your capacity for research and understanding is heightened. Just make sure that whatever you are pursuing stems from enjoyment rather than obligation. Since this year is more about contemplation and gaining better self-awareness, it is not a year to make major decisions.

Seven is the number of spirituality and the time to enhance your connection to Source (God, Spirit, the Universe). You may find yourself returning to your spiritual and religious beliefs with greater faith. This year is ideal for practicing meditation, prayer and other spiritual activities. It is also a year where your lessons will be more spiritual in nature and you may feel like your faith is being tested. In this year, people may experience lessons related to life and death by dealing with an illness or the loss of a family member or friend.  Whatever challenges arise in a 7 year, they are meant to help you build a strong inner foundation and to learn to rely on your own internal resources.


Personal Year 8

~ All about career, finances and personal empowerment ~

This is a year of major decisions and accomplishments, especially those focused on business, career, finances, property and leadership. You will have many new opportunities available to you and may find yourself becoming extremely busy. Focus on what it is you truly want and act on it! The energy of number 8 is centered on financial abundance and manifestation.  You may find yourself wanting to do more and be more this year – give yourself permission to pursue those dreams!

Number 8 is all about karmic balance and is governed by the law of cause and effect. This means that you will reap what you have sewn in an 8 year. For some this means financial gain and recognition, for others there could be financial loss. If in the previous years you have worked hard, shown compassion towards others and held good intentions, then you will be rewarded for your efforts. 

It is also a year to step into your personal power. You will feel a greater sense of strength and determination. If you find yourself being tested or stifled in any way it is so that you can learn to stand up for yourself and assert your leadership abilities. This is a year to experience your potential to the fullest and it is likely that others will take notice and you will find yourself in the spotlight. Just remember to balance the spiritual and the material world and know that money and status do not define you.


Personal Year 9
~ All about completions, endings and letting go ~

This is the final year of a nine-year cycle and it is focused on letting go of what isn’t in your highest good and preparing you for the next nine-year cycle to begin.  During this year, you may find yourself forced to reorganize your priorities as you de-clutter your life. This may involve some physical clearing out of closets and getting rid of junk or it could involve releasing behaviours and mindsets that no longer serve you. This could also mean that some relationships come to an end or that you change jobs or your place of residence.

This is a year to tie up loose end and complete any unfinished business; this includes forgiving yourself and others and resolving any outstanding conflicts.  Number nine energy is about personal awareness and responsibility.  It is also a good time to find ways to be of service to others and follow your humanitarian pursuits. Focus on being more compassionate, giving and loving this year. You can also take greater charge over an aspect of your life that you have wanted to change.  However, since this year is focused on completions, it is not the year to start a new business or relationship.

Number 9 is one of the toughest years emotionally, especially for those who resist change or fear the unknown. Just remember that letting go of the old creates space for the new. This is a time to look back and review your life and explore the lessons that you have learned. It is also the time to recognize and celebrate your achievements. In a 9 year you may find others seeking out your advice as you have acquired much wisdom to pass on to others.

All the information found in the preceding paragraphs has been supplied by Cathy Fletcher 

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