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Welcome to Hazel's Book Club

I often get asked what spiritual books I recommend for those that are wanting to improve their lives, find balance, positive affirmations or just a plain good old read!

Obviously, I can not read all of the books out there. So, I thought why don’t we all share those books that we have enjoyed for whatever reason and that we would recommend them to others?
So, this is how I propose we do it... 

You take a picture of the cover of the book you would like to recommend and perhaps even do a little blurb on it, send it over to info@learningwithhazel and we shall post it on the website.  
I'll start....


The book “The Beauty of What Remains” written by Rabbi Steve Leder is probably one of the best reads in a long time.

He shares his story about losing his father to Alzheimers, and how he began to look at life after such a loss.  I felt it talk to me in so many ways and on all different levels.  His writing style is easy.  I so enjoyed this book and have recommended it to others, who in turn have loved it as much as I did.

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