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Who is Hazel?

Born in Sussex, England in 1962, Hazel together with her sister and parents immigrated to Canada in 1965.  There they resided happily until 1977 when the family uprooted and returned to the UK.  Everyone settled, but Hazel always had a hankering to go back to Canada.  However, it would take another 13 years before she would board a plane and with just two suitcases and a dream to head back to Canada.  Arriving on the 1st of April without her beloved Mars by her side – he arrived 12 days later with an Irish wolfhound and her beloved cat, she set up a temporary home in just under 2 weeks.

Moving from one country to another isn’t always easy and much adapting had to take place – but, eventually they both settled and everything began to take shape. It was Mars who encouraged Hazel to really work with her ‘gift’.  And so, it became to be that the first Reading Room was opened in the fall of 1994.  In the beginning Hazel only worked very part time at it – but slowly it became apparent that it was time to open more time slots for readings and soon she began to read full time.

Asked often to teach, she decided that she would try her hand at offering workshops, together with beginning the annual Pre-Christmas get together, and apart from taking a mini sabbatical has been – a fun and very well attended event for over 25 years.

A book became the next focus and “the first ten years’ became available for sale in.....2008.  
Hazel always knew it would never be a New York bestseller but for her it was another dream come true.

The work in the Reading Room has evolved over the years, with more emphasis put on choices, measurements, and expectations to name but a few ways in which she helps guide people to find balance in their spiritual and earthly journey. Her medium work continues to offer comfort to those who have suffered loss.

In April of 2020 she lost her beloved husband, Mars to complications from pneumonia.  Their 'furbabies’ Milly, Molly, (2 Jack Russells) and Coco (Toy Poodle) along with their three cats – offer some comfort during such a challenging time.

A glimpse outside of the Reading Room

Mars and the girls
Mars Garden
Princess Coco
Epitome of Relaxation
Walk time
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